Boek Amazon Web Services in Action (Engels)

Amazon Web Services in Action (Engels)

Michael Wittig, Andreas Wittig
Manning Publications
€ 44.19

‘Amazon Web Services in Action’ introduces you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. The book will teach you about the most important services on AWS. You will also learn about best practices regarding security, high availability and scalability.You’ll start with a broad overview of cloud computing and AWS and learn how to spin-up servers manually and from the command line. You’ll learn how to automate your infrastructure by programmatically calling the AWS API to control every part of AWS.

You will be introduced to the concept of Infrastructure as Code with the help of AWS CloudFormation.You will learn about different approaches to deploy applications on AWS.

You’ll also learn how to secure your infrastructure by isolating networks, controlling traffic and managing access to AWS resources. Next, you’ll learn options and techniques for storing your data. You will experience how to integrate AWS services into your own applications by the use of SDKs. Finally, this book teaches you how to design for high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability.

What’s inside
– Overview of AWS cloud concepts and best practices
– Manage servers on EC2 for cost-effectiveness
– Infrastructure automation with Infrastructure as Code (AWS CloudFormation)
– Deploy applications on AWS
– Store data on AWS: SQL, NoSQL, object storage and block storage
– Integrate Amazon’s pre-built services
– Architect highly available and fault tolerant systems

Written for developers and DevOps engineers moving distributed applications to the AWS platform.

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