Boek Armstrong: Marketing An Introduction_p4 (Engels)

Armstrong: Marketing An Introduction_p4 (Engels)

G. Armstrong, R. Brennan, Michael Harker, T. Kotler
Pearson Education Benelux BV
€ 74.19

Marketing: An Introduction introduces students at all levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses, to marketing concepts. It focuses on how to build profitable customer relationships by encouraging students to apply concepts to real commercial practice through numerous case studies from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
How will you learn about marketing?
You will be guided through five major themes: creating value for customers, building and managing strong brands, measuring and managing ROI, harnessing new marketing technologies in the digital age and marketing responsibly around the globe
You will be presented with a comprehensive overview of marketing theory and practice because marketing is a company-wide function.
You will be provided with the most up-to-date coverage of current issues in marketing, such as implications for European marketers of Brexit, changed rules and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU in the era of Big Data and the rise of mobile marketing and networked consumer.
Your learning experience will flow seamlessly between the book and the online environment, with chapter links to European bodies, marketing journals, case study questions and multiple choice questions.

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