E-book Communication


P. van Nispen
SITO - Stichting IT en Onderwijs
€ 4

Communication is the flip-side of culture because culture only exists in its communication to others . The study of communication as a process in society is a fairly new discipline and this applies even more so to communication across borders. These borders could be national ones (communication across national cultures) but are not limited to them. In line with the triangle model of culture the argument applies to the border of larger and smaller groups as well; e.g. organisational culture and the culture of a family or a team.

First the process of communication is discussed, including a model and aspects of communication. The focus then shifts to communication across borders, first by using the Johari Window as an example. The e-book then returns to the model and the aspects to discuss the cultural dimensions of both. Whatever model of communication you use, every aspects of it is influenced by culture!

Communication across borders includes Hall’s handles and direct versus indirect communication.

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