Boek Creating Value with Big Data Analytics (Engels)

Creating Value with Big Data Analytics (Engels)

Peter Verhoef, Edwin Kooge, Natasha Walk
€ 55,80

Winnaar Pim Marketing Literatuurprijs 2016

Our newly digital world is generating an almost unimaginable amount of data about all of us. Such a vast amount of data is useless without plans and strategies that are designed to cope with its size and complexity, and which enable organisations to leverage the information to create value. This book is a refreshingly practical, yet theoretically sound roadmap to leveraging Big Data and analytics.

‘Creating Value with Big Data Analytics’ provides a nuanced view of big data development, arguing that big data in itself is not a revolution but an evolution of the increasing availability of data that has been observed in recent times. Building on the authors’ extensive academic and practical knowledge, this book aims to provide managers and analysts strategic directions and practical analytical solutions on how to create value from existing and new big data.

By tying data and analytics to specific goals and processes for implementation, this is a much-needed book that will be essential reading for students and specialists of data analytics, marketing research and customer relationship management.

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