Boek DAMA-DMBOK – Data Management Body of Knowledge (Engels)

DAMA-DMBOK – Data Management Body of Knowledge (Engels)

Dama International
Technics Publications
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Today’s organizations recognize that managing data is central to their success. They recognize
the value of their data and seek to leverage that value. As human capacity to create and exploit
data has increased, so too has the need for reliable data management practices.

The second edition of DAMA International’s Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK2) updates and augments the highly successful DMBOK1. An accessible, authoritative reference book written by leading thinkers in the field and extensively reviewed by DAMA members, DMBOK2 brings together materials that comprehensively describe the challenges of data management and how to meet them by:
– Defining a set of guiding principles for data management and describing how these principles can be applied within data management functional areas.
– Providing a functional framework for the implementation of enterprise data management, including widely adopted practices, methods and techniques, functions, roles, deliverables and metrics.
– Establishing a common vocabulary for data management concepts and serving as the basis for best practices for data management professionals.

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