Boek Data-Driven Marketing (Engels)

Data-Driven Marketing (Engels)

Clearbit, Matt Sornson
Independently published
€ 75.84

The days of expansive ad budgets and generic campaigns are rapidly fading. Businesses want to see ROI behind their marketing spend, and are looking to data and precision as the solution. Marketers are following suit.

Drip emails, writing content that ranks, and targeted ads are just some of the ways that marketers are producing better campaigns, improving conversion rates, and proving their worth. We interviewed leaders in B2B SaaS marketing at companies like Zendesk, Drip, and Appcues to get practical advice on how to be a data-driven marketer.

Regardless of how technical you are, you can use data to make an impact in your day-to-day. Use these tips from Data-Driven Marketing to become a modern marketer, enhancing the way you see your product, leads, and team.

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