Boek Design Patterns for Cloud Native Applications (Engels)

Design Patterns for Cloud Native Applications (Engels)

Kasun Indrasiri, Sriskandarajah Suhothayan
€ 63.89

With the immense cost savings and scalability the cloud provides, the rationale for building cloud native applications is no longer in question. The real issue is how. With this practical guide, developers will gain experience building cloud native applications using APIs, data, events, and streams in both greenfield and brownfield development.

You’ll learn how to incrementally design, develop, and deploy large and effective cloud native applications that you can manage and maintain at scale with minimal cost, time, and effort. Authors Sriskandarajah Suhothayan and Kasun Indrasiri highlight use cases that effectively demonstrate the challenges you could encounter at each step.

– Explore the issues you’re likely to deal with when building highly scalable cloud native applications
– Learn design patterns for addressing these issues–and best practices to help you apply them
– Examine the tools and technologies essential for building cloud native systems
– Implement scalable cloud native applications that are manageable and maintainable
– Use patterns for building applications that are appropriate for specific use cases

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