E-book Expat Partner? (Engels)

Expat Partner? (Engels)

Carine Bormans, Marie Geukens
€ 14.99

– Can you plan your professional future as expat partner?
– Can you pursue a career in your new environment?
– What are your expectations and priorities?

The effect of giving up some certainties by following one’s partner abroad should not be underestimated. The expat partner is often left in the cold. According to 71% of expats who experienced a failed foreign posting, the reason provided is an unhappy partner. Clear agreements are necessary to make a good start.

This book will help you. If you dare to look at work differently, many unexpected doors will open. The book allows you to ask all the right questions, both before, during and after your stay abroad. It offers inspiring examples and useful warnings about potential pitfalls. Step by step, you will be able to make the career choices that best suit you at that particular moment.

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