Boek Future-Ready Retail

Future-Ready Retail

Ibrahim Ibrahim
Kogan Page
€ 28.42

Traditional shops are facing challenging and unprecedented times. Future-Ready Retail explains how changing consumer needs, the impact of digital and the issues around health, wellness and distancing have transformed retail and provides compelling solutions to help reimagine the high street and out-of-town malls. Conventional high streets, shopping arcades and retail malls throughout the world no longer attract the crowds needed to sustain them as successful commercial spaces.

Suffering from the effects of online shopping, changing consumer attitudes and expectations, and the legacy impact of social distancing, there’s a sense of urgency and the need to address the decline in physical retail. Future-Ready Retail provides in-depth analysis of how consumers, health, data and new technologies will continue irreversibly to shake up physical shops and permanently shape the future of traditional retail. Arguing that to be future-ready, retail needs to be driven by people and places, not solely real estate, the book explains how brands can develop strategies to create shops whose main purpose is to recruit, retain and delight customers.

Featuring case studies from successful global brand, retail futurist and designer Ibrahim Ibrahim identifies key retail-cultural trends, shows why it’s important to make retail space physically smarter and how to use touch points such as social, website and apps alongside the physical space, to achieve a seamless, enjoyable and profitable retail experience.

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