Boek Intercultural Skills for International Business and International Relations (Engels)

Intercultural Skills for International Business and International Relations (Engels)

P. Verluyten
Acco, Uitgeverij
€ 43,50

This introduction to intercultural communication in international business, international relations and other situations of cross-cultural contact features the following unique highlights:
– It is rooted in history and anthropology, allowing the reader to situate intercultural issues in a wider humanistic framework.
-It offers practical advice that will be directly helpful in concrete intercultural settings.
-It goes through great lengths to warn against oversimplification and stereotyping, traps that are inherent in several publications in the field of intercultural publications.
-It is critical: it does not shy away from critically discussing various theories and statements that are found in the literature in order to arrive at a balanced view of what we can learn from research in the field.
-It encourages an open discussion of ethical issues related to multiculturalism and intercultural contact, also in the exercise section.
-It includes a substantial set of exercises of various types which will allow the reader to develop their intercultural skills.
-It blends into an online learning platform.
-It makes a set of pedagogical aids available to instructors.

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