Boek People Skills for Analytical Thinkers (Engels)

People Skills for Analytical Thinkers (Engels)

Gilbert Eijkelenboom
€ 16.99

Your analytical skills are incredibly valuable.
However, rational thinking alone isn’t enough.

Have you ever:
– Presented an idea, but then no one seemed to care?
– Explained your analysis, only to leave your colleague confused?
– Struggled to work with people who are less analytical and more emotional?

In these situations, people skills make the difference, and research shows these skills are becoming increasingly more important in the workplace.

– Being so self-aware that you can enter a room with confidence, even if the room is filled with people that you don’t know.
– Having fun and productive social interactions, also with those who have a different personality.
– Getting people to listen to your ideas attentively, because you know how to be convincing.

That’s what this book helps with – and more!

You don’t like soft and fluffy talk? Good. The author describes human behavior in an analytical language, using algorithm and data metaphors. This will help you understand the human equation and excel at communication.

Filled with academic insights, exercises, and stories, this book will change your career.

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