E-book Pricing power (Engels)

Pricing power (Engels)

Joris Smits
Uitgeverij Haystack
€ 19.99

A rock-solid pricing policy is the key to profitable growth. Don’t let the market determine your prices and make sure that customers are willing to pay what you ask.

Price is the main profit driver. A percent price increase yields much more than a percent cost reduction or a percent volume increase. But how do you know what the right price is? In this book you will discover step by step how to set attractive prices based on the value you provide to your customers. This will give you pricing power and ensure that you’re no longer at the mercy of the vagaries of the market.

Pricing Power is the first book that makes pricing simple, practical and immediately applicable. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or leading a multinational, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to grow their business in a profitable way. Joris Smits shares his knowledge and experience, using dozens of recognizable practical examples.

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