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Sell More with Science

David Hoffeld
Penguin Books
€ 38.04

The groundbreaking system scientifically proven to increase your performance and launch you to unprecedented levels of success.

Today, in sales, business, and life, you need every advantage you can get. In Sell More with Science, David Hoffeld, the world’s leading expert on applying science to selling, shares his revolutionary three-part system to experience surefire success at home, at work, and out in the world.

Here, Hoffeld utilizes research studies from social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics to reveal actionable insights you can use to grow your sales, achieve more, and stay ahead of the competition. You’ll discover:

• two evidence-based mindsets that will help you earn more sales
• seven strategies that will boost your chances of reaching any goal
• powerful principles that will enhance your ability to guide potential clients into positive buying decisions
• ways to win day-to-day interactions—in business and beyond
• how to reframe any idea or situation
• what it means to sell with integrity
• a science-backed formula you can follow to create positive career change
• and much more

Filled with practical insights and exercises, Sell More with Science is a game-changing guide for anyone who wants to take their influence, sales, or career to new heights.

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