Boek Team Topologies (Engels)

Team Topologies (Engels)

Matthew Skelton, Manuel Pais
IT Revolution Press
€ 24.36

In Team Topologies, IT consultants Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais share secrets of successful team patterns and interactions to help IT organizations choose and evolve the right team patterns to ensure success, making sure to keep the software healthy and to optimize for value streams.

Team Topologies will help readers discover:
– Team patterns used by successful organizations.
– Common team patterns to avoid with modern software systems.
– When and why to use different team patterns
– How to evolve teams effectively.
– How to split software and align to teams.

‘…a much-needed framework for evaluating and optimizing team organization for increased flow…Team Topologies combines a methodical approach with real-world case studies to unlock the full potential of your tech teams.’ – Greg Burrell, Senior Reliability Engineer at Netflix

‘It’s well constructed and signposted, based in sound thinking, and challenges readers to assume, like them, that an organization is a socio-technical system or ecosystem.’ – Dr. Naomi Stanford, Organization Design Practitioner, Teacher, and Author

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