Boek The All-Round Musician (Engels)

The All-Round Musician (Engels)

Bindu De Knock
Crosslink Legal
€ 34,50

This is a must-have guide for music professionals. Labels, managers, publishers and booking agents know how to make money in the music business – do you? Today’s musician needs skills beyond song-writing, performing, producing, or engineering. You need to know your industry and gather business and legal knowledge to equalise the competitive advantage of other key players. Today’s musician needs to be an all-rounder.

1. Learn about building a professional music business: establish, organise and protect your brand off- and online, and stay sane in the process
2. Learn about your business partners: their role, their interests, and what they can do for you
3. Learn about successful contracts: they’re give and take so make sure they represent everyone’s interests
4. Learn about the commercialisation of your music: understand your rights and how you, and the people representing you, make money from your work
5. Learn about your copyrights and neighbouring rights and how to use them

The knowledge shared in this book will help you pursue a sustainable career as a music professional and help you to become an all-round musician. #allroundmusician

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