Boek The Kimball Group Reader (Engels)

The Kimball Group Reader (Engels)

R. Kimball, M. Ross
Wiley Computing
€ 51,10

Updated guidelines for data warehousing and business intelligence

Recognized and respected throughout the world as the most influential leaders in the data warehousing and business intelligence (DW/BI) industry, Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross and the Kimball Group set the industry standard with The Kimball Group Reader. Now in its second edition, this preeminent text has been updated with 65 new Design Tips and white papers to create a remarkable collection that spans more than two decades at the forefront of DW/BI innovation.

From project planning and requirements gathering to dimensional modeling, ETL, and BI applications, this indispensable collection covers everything you’ll encounter in data warehousing and business intelligence. With incomparable articles that provide critical advice for successfully designing, deploying, and maintaining the DW/BI system, The Kimball Group

Reader covers:
– Dos and Don’ts for launching a DW/BI project and gathering requirements
– Essentials for the integrated enterprise data warehouse, including the bus architecture and matrix
– Granularity and three fundamental types of fact tables
– Slowly changing dimension techniques
– Snowflakes, outriggers, and bridge tables
– Dimensional modeling advanced patterns
– Backroom extract, transform, and load (ETL) subsystems and data quality
– BI application best practices
– Big data considerations

This easily referenced and newly updated collection is invaluable if you’re involved with data warehousing or business intelligence in any capacity.

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