Boek VeriSM – A Pocket Guide (Engels)

VeriSM – A Pocket Guide (Engels)

Simon Dorst, Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Doug Tedder
Van Haren Publishing B.V.
€ 19.57

This pocket guide will introduce you to VeriSM key concepts and the VeriSM model and help you to understand how they can apply in your organization.

VeriSM is an approach that offers value-driven, evolving, responsive, and integrated service management. VeriSM is designed to enable organizations and professionals understand how to create a flexible operating model using Governance, Service Management Principles and a Management Mesh to define, produce, provide and respond to consumer requirements for service.

VeriSM is essential reading for anyone who works within a service organization. It will be of particular interest to:
– Managers – who want to understand how to leverage evolving management practices;
– Service owners and service managers – who need to bring their skills up to date and understand how service management has changed;
– Executives – who are accountable for effective service delivery;
– Graduates and undergraduates – who will be joining organizations and who need to understand the principles of service management.

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