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Google+ Basic Tips & Tricks [Webwatching #1]


Welkom bij ‘Webwatching’, de nieuwe wekelijkse videoserie op Frankwatching! We openen de serie met een drietal afleveringen over Google+. In deze eerste aflevering spreek ik met Mike Merrill, marketing director voor ReachLocal, over de eerste (en belangrijkste) stappen die je moet nemen als je begint met Google+. Waar kun je Google+ het beste voor gebruiken? Hoe zorg je ervoor dat mensen je aan hun circle toevoegen? En hoe vul je je profiel in zodat je hoger in de Google ranks komt?

Shownotes Webwatching #1

Google+ Interesting Statistics

  • Google plus is Google’s newest social network, with more than 25 million users.
  • 68 percent of them are male, and the number one occupation is engineer
  • It cost 585 million dollars to build Google+
  • Unlike Facebook, there are no advertisements displayed
  • Google+ sparked a lot of new interest because of brand pages. More about that later….

Get started on Google+

Tips to find and get followers:

  • find followers through native search
  • follow other peoples followers
  • follow circles

Get more followers by Optimizing your profile for SEO

  • Optimize your profile by filling out all the fields.
  • There are several ways to optimize SEO.

Google+ Profile URL’s

  • Use third party services like
  • Harry Skelton also has an interesting tip. Just type this in your browser (of course with the right username):<user-gmail-name>

Connect Google+ To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Great extensions that can connect your social media platforms:

  • Extended Share for Google Plus helps integrate different social networks
  • And SGPlus is great for complete social network integration

Be sure to come back in two weeks for our next Webwatching video.