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Janine Himpers successfully completed the Master of Science Program of Industrial Engineering and Management Science at the Technical University of Eindhoven. While working as a change management consultant for the Dutch Government, she tightened her focus to the deeper understanding of human behavior and subconscious thoughts as drivers for human behavior. In 1999, she started a successful career as customer Experience consultant with Altuïtion. Altuïtion helps clients with 9+ experience management; The systematic management of the emotional impact on employees and customers. Janine supervised consultancy programs on strategically level for numerous (international) organizations in the field of 9+ experience management.

With a CMCT license, Janine has been giving Principles of Persuasion workshops since 2006. Janine has helped several Dutch companies become more successful, not only by introducing their sales staff into the world of “influence” but also by coaching sales managers and sales teams on the job by means of an exclusive Sales Wave program® (performance based).

Janine is authorized to conduct ZMET® interviews (ZMET® is a patented, qualitative research method based on recent developments in the social, psychological, anthropological and biological sciences, as developed by professor Gerald Zaltman at Harvard University).

Since 2009 Janine teaches and develops methods to improve customer experience (customer journey mapping/ mining/ managament) with focus on the emotional components. Ranging from strategic tools such as a framework for CX maturity to operational tools such as 'Belevingsklassiekers' (a card set and brainstormtool). In 2023 she joined the CXPA network with her CCXP certificate.

Janine loves to teach yoga (different styles) and runs a yoga studio (Stralen Yoga Centrum).

But the most important to her are her husband, two daughters (2002, 2005) and her Maine Coones.









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