Het visual storyboard van The Next Web 2013


The Next Web Conference 2013, wat een geweldig gekkenhuis! Het is groots, het is veel, het krioelt van de mensen. Maar het bruist aan alle kanten. Een waar Walhalla voor startups, ondernemers, gadgetfanaten en early adopters. Welkom “Novus Ordo Interrete”.

Visual storyboard TNW Conference

Dit was de eerste keer dat ik aanwezig was tijdens het befaamde TNW Conference. Al meerdere malen heb ik balend achter de laptop de livestream bekeken, dit keer had ik het geluk dat ik erbij kon zijn namens Frankwatching. Niet bloggend, maar visual storytellend om een impressie van de sfeer weer te geven.

TNW Conference is niet alleen een Walhalla voor startups en nerds, ook voor fotografen is het heerlijk om iedereen in hun element vast te kunnen leggen. TNW heeft mij niet teleurgesteld, dit smaakt juist naar meer! Bekijk hieronder het visual storyboard van dag 2 (klik op de afbeelding voor een vergroting).

The Next Web 2013The Next Web Conference 2013, Novus Ordo Interrete

This is the 8th edition of The Next Web Conference Europe. And it is big! There are 35 international keynote speakers, 20 startups launching at the event, four live TNW Academy classes and 22 hacks that will be created and presented during the conference.

Our one and only the Prince of Orange opened the conference, and it hosted big names like Tim Ferriss (investor in Twitter, Facebook and Uber and author of ‘The 4-hour…’ series of books), Kevin Hartz (CEO of Eventbrite), Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Research CEO), Gary Shapiro (CEO of Consumer Electronics Association and author), Jimmy Maymann (CEO of The Huffington Post), Robert Scoble and many more.

Wondering what greatness you’ve missed or thinking about going next year? Check out this story of the final conference day, and see for yourself!

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Robert Scoble: blogger, author & Rackspace’s Startup Liaison Officer

“I see a pattern right now, that I call the age of context. We are building products with the potential to learn what we are doing. Like wearable computers. Context is going to define our way of live. Context is going to affect every product and service. It is a better sound thanks to sensors and big data computation. It is low cost sensors, like a breathometer. And it is a new kind of marketing based on visual stories such as Vine.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Stephen Wolfram: founder of Wolfram research & Wolfram/Alpha

“I am not very ambitious, I just like to build interesting things.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Andy Budd: user experience Ddesigner & Partner at Clearleft

“Design is an important business strategy. Through beauty you can set yourself apart from competition.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Ryan Holiday: Director of Marketing at American Apparel and PR guru

“Headlines that make us feel angry get far more hits than headlines that stir other emotions.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013TNW Startup Rally: Freddie Laker, CEO of Guide

“We focus on a problem that affects a large percentage of people that read online news. Because of this media overload it is impossible to consume all the news you want. Guide is an app that takes your online news in social streams and turns it into tv. You can watch your favorite news passively instead of having to read it. It saves you an amount of time.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Jonathan MacDonald: co-founder of This Fluid World

“You have to find your internal signal before you can resonate and ‘denoise’ down to what really matters.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Mark Earls: author of Herd

“1. Don’t pretend that you are original. Everything has been done already. Copying is necessary to create new things. 2. Just get over yourselves.”

The Next Web 2013

The Next Web 2013Tim Ferriss: author & investor

“You can achieve anything you like in 6 months, but you need a method. The first step is being very confident. You have to have some optimisme that you can achieve what you might perceive beyond your limitations. Second, question the obvious and learn to think creatively.”

The Next Web 2013

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