Advertising on Frankwatching: these are the advantages

Looking for more traffic on your website? And do you want to draw attention to a (new) product, service, event or whitepaper? Join forces with Frankwatching and advertise on our platform, the largest marketing & communication platform in the Netherlands with more than 450,000 followers.

Brand Awareness

Increase awareness of your brand, product or service.


Reach new potential customers.

About Frankwatching

Who are Frankwatching’s hundreds of thousands of visitors, followers and subscribers? And what do we know about them?




This is how we work together

You can advertise through our website, e-mail and social media in different ways. These are the most important possibilities:


Expand your reach with a campaign through our website, which has more than 450,000 unique visitors every month. From a homepage advertorial to a commercial expression under an editorial (action block). And from your own event in our event calendar (free of charge) to posting a branded story.


Choose an advertorial in our daily and/or weekly newsletter (40,000+ subscribers) or send a dedicated mailing to more than 5,000 professionals and decision makers who have indicated that they would like to receive information from partners.

Event Promotion

Attract more visitors to your knowledge session, conference or other event with our special promotional packages (from €599). With this you will receive up to 40 percent discount on a campaign via our website, newsletter and/or social media.

Curious about these and many more advertising opportunities? Download the media kit.


Don’t miss out on these advertising opportunities either!

From lead generation to events. See all possibilities on our advertisers page.

Mediakit Advertising

All information about advertising in one handy PDF document. Receive a link to the download directly in your inbox.

PDF file, 2MB

Download Mediakit Advertising


Do you want more information about advertising, campaigns or lead generation? Then please feel free to contact us!

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