Become a partner of Frankwatching events

Looking for new leads and customers? And do you want to increase the authority and visibility of your organisation? Join forces with Frankwatching and become a (knowledge) partner of one of our events. As the largest marketing & communication platform in the Netherlands, we attract thousands of visitors each year to our events in digital marketing, social media, digital workplace, e-commerce & customer contact.

Why an event partnership with Frankwatching?

  • Increase your reach and brand awareness
  • Position your organisation as a thought leader (knowledge session)
  • Talk to professionals & decision-makers
  • Campaign via our website, e-mail and social media
  • Competitive rates, from €3,500

Brand Awareness

Increase awareness of your brand, product or service.

Thought leadership

Position yourself or your organisation as an authority.


Reach new potential customers.


Expand your network and build meaningful relationships.

About Frankwatching

Who are Frankwatching’s hundreds of thousands of visitors, followers and subscribers? And what do we know about them?




This is how we work together

We always provide the right professional guidance before, during and after an event. This is how we help you determine the right positioning. From engagement & exposure (e.g. Wi-Fi sponsoring and VIP lunch) to lead generation & thought leadership (demo booth and knowledge session).

Frankwatching organises annual events such as the SocialToday Event, AI Marketing Event, Content Conference, Employee Experience Event, AI Marcom Event and Conversational Conference.


Don’t miss out on these advertising opportunities either!

From whitepapers to branded content and webinars. See all possibilities on our advertisers page.


Do you want more information about events? Then please feel free to contact us!