Sander Klous

I am professor in Big Data Ecosystems for Business and Society at the University of Amsterdam, where I am researching how business and society can maximize the benefits of insights gained through big data analysis. Furthermore, I am managing director of Big Data Analytics at KPMG Management Consulting in the Netherlands and responsible for the global advanced analytics technology stack of KPMG.

I am the founder of the Big Data team at KPMG in the Netherlands. I built a team of former CERN PhD graduates to deliver Big Data services to major players in Telecom, Finance, Health, Retail and other sectors. I have over a decade of experience in large scale distributed computing, real-time systems and data processing technologies. During those years I have been responsible for designing, implementing and managing a range of distributed computing services, including systems involving Big Data processing and cloud computing technology.

I obtained a PhD in High Energy Physics (HEP) and worked on a number of projects for CERN, world’s largest physics institute in Geneva. I received several grants and awards related to high performance distributed computing in physics and have numerous publications in this area. After my transition to industry, I worked mostly on technical and organizational analytics challenges for middle size and large (international) organizations with complex computing infrastructures.









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